DefenSea Consultoria is hired by Saab AB to provide consulting services in maritime monitoring projects in Brazil

DefenSea Consultoria has signed an agreement with the Swedish company Saab AB to provide consulting and development of maritime monitoring projects in Brazil.


The signing of the agreement, carried out at the end of January this year, was preceded by a long process of compliance and evaluation of the technical capacity and expertise of DefenSea Consultoria to support that great and renowned Swedish company in the implementation of its advanced maritime traffic monitoring systems in Brazil.

In addition to maritime monitoring, the Saab group operates in several areas, such as aeronautics; combat systems; surveillance systems; and shipbuilding, among others. Currently, its most visible face in Brazil is the supply of modern Gripen fighter aircraft to the Brazilian Air Force.

Saab AB Maritime Traffic Management delivers a wide range of integrated solutions to maritime users around the world. These solutions allow customers to:

- run efficient ports;

- manage safety and efficiency of traffic on waterways;

- protect the environment;

- support law enforcement by maritime and port authorities;

- perform underwater surveys; and

- perform precise navigation.

Saab AB has been developing and installing marine monitoring systems since 1985 and is recognized as a leading provider of marine safety products, ranging from small individual port solutions to national coastal surveillance networks. Saab pioneered maritime AIS (Automatic Information System) technology and has delivered more than 16,000 AIS transponders for ships and 1800 AIS base stations worldwide.