DefenSea Consultoria ends its participation in the 1st RIDEX 2018 with the visit of several authorities

The first Rio International Defense Exhibition (RIDEX) ended on June 29, and DefenSea Consultoria had the opportunity to receive a visit from several authorities working in Defense area, including the Admiral of the Fleet Leal Ferreira, Commander of the Brazilian Navy.

During the exhibition, DefenSea Consultoria could inform visitors of its participation in the international competition for the construction of 4 (four) corvettes of the Tamandaré class, advising the Turkish company STM mainly in the area of logistics and seeking Brazilian companies interested in providing products and services for this essential Brazilian Navy project.

Since its foundation in 2012, DefenSea Consultoria aims to connect international and national companies, forming partnerships for the development of projects in the areas of defense, mainly naval, and maritime activities, that will benefit all involved, with the implementation of innovative technological solutions for Brazil.

Indeed, the involvement of Brazilian companies in this project will strengthen the country’s naval industry, creating a lot of jobs, mainly in the state of Rio de Janeiro, where is Brasfels shipyard, one of STM’s partner, that will build the ships. Brasfels is based in the city of Angra dos Reis, in the area of extinct Verolme shipyard. Inhaúma class corvettes were made there and are still operating in the Brazilian Navy.

The authorities who visited DefenSea’s booth were able to know the characteristics of the proven Ada class corvette, which has been operating in the Turkish Navy since 2011 and served as a reference for the proposal presented by STM. Ships of this class have already successfully performed in several theaters of operation, including all Africa coastline, where they remained for about three consecutive months together with navies from other NATO countries.

The project, called BRASCOR by STM, has a hull with Stealth characteristics and incorporates equipment in state of the art, meeting all the requirements established by the Brazilian Navy.