DefenSea Consultoria is part of the effort that allows Brazil’s entry in the group of countries with Vessel Traffic Service (VTS)

DefenSea Consultoria is part of the effort that allows Brazil’s entry in the group of countries with Vessel Traffic Service (VTS)

The VTS of Açu Port, located in São João da Barra, in the northern state of Rio de Janeiro, was approved by Brazilian Navy in November 2015. Therefore, it becomes the first Brazilian port to operate such a service, key to efficiently control the growing maritime traffic in the country. (Source:

This is a historic landmark for the country, because it means the entry of Brazil in the group of 41 countries which operates this important service. DefenSea Consultoria is proud to have contributed to this great national achievement.

DefenSea Consultoria involvement on the activation process of the first Brazilian VTS.

In late September 2014, DefenSea Consultoria was hired by Prumo Logistica Global to develop a project to implement a VTS (Vessel Traffic Service) at the Açu Port.

In this regard, the following activities were performed by the company:

  • Development of VTS’s operating procedures;

  • Specification and standardization of VTS equipment;

  • Technical guidance in the preparation of the VTS installation project;

  • Preparation of all required documentation for implementation and homologation of VTS by the National Maritime Authority;

  • Technical guidance for training of operators, controllers and on accredited educational institutions;

  • Monitoring of the approval process;

  • Assisted operation; and

  • Supply and installation of two AIS (Automatic Information System) base station, with full redundance, in accordance with the IALA’s (International Association of Lighthouse Authorities) recommendations.

The Vessel Traffic Service enables Açu Port the use of monitoring and control systems in order to reduce delays and costs, and to enhance the navigation and port operation safety.

DefenSea Consultoria has prior experience in this matter and has contributed to the development of VTS projects to the ferry terminal of Ponta da Madeira (Brazil) and to the Vale Mineral Malaysia Terminal, in Lumut, Malaysia, both of Vale company.

So, the company is able to develop customized projects of monitoring and control of maritime traffic, according to requirements and budget of each client.