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Our history


Defensea Consultoria is a company founded by retired captains from Brazilian Navy, with expertise of over thirty years in maritime market. Each of its members has qualifications in specific and complementary areas. The company members form a group able to rapidly expand their skills through an extensive network of contacts in the military and civilian sectors, established over many years of working onshore and offshore. Working with consulting and sales representation, the focus of the DefenSea Consultoria business is using his knowledge of national and international defense and maritime markets to establish synergies with its customers in order to promote comprehensive development of projects with feasibility implementation in Brazil. Thus, DefenSea Consultoria, a company associated with ABIMDE (Brazilian Association of Defence Industries) is able to develop consulting and advisory activities in many areas related to Security and Defense and the Maritime Industry.

Our team

  • Dennis Teixeira

    Dennis graduated from the Naval Academy, with improvement in electronics, performed functions related to the operation and maintenance of electronic...

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  • Sergio Jordão

    Sergio graduated from the Naval Academy, specialized as an Engineer Officer, and performed many functions related to the operation and...

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  • Cesar Pimenta

    Cesar graduated from the Naval Academy, with improvement in Hydrography, performed functions related to cartography, mapping systems and work in...

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